by Dagwood

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pushtree best expression of lawn jockey down and dirty sub urban mommy wants to jump the hired help punk I've heard. keep it up.
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The second full length album from Dagwood

NOTE: This record is best played at maximum volume. Blow out your speakers, light them on fire, throw them off the roof and then dive onto them.

All songs written and performed by Dagwood

Drums recorded by Nick Bellmore at Dexters Lab Recording in Milford, CT
Everything else recorded by Dagwood

Dagwood is:
Grady Hearn
Mike Nagy
Kilian Appleby
Andrew Baker

Additional vocals by Tim Casey and Lauren Beecher
Additional mixing by Nick Appleby
Riff in the chorus of Separate lifted from CT legend Larry Loud



released January 4, 2017



all rights reserved


Dagwood New Haven, Connecticut

Dagwood is a New Haven based punk band. Bubblegum punk melodies and a 'Raw Power' rhythm section energize their chronicles of clumsy and surreal suburban malaise. Princes of power pop and the greatest band of all time.

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Track Name: Decision
when you're lost in a black night
just out of reach from the good life
but i decide
that we're gonna be alright
Track Name: Separate
I had a dream I was asleep outside in a public space
And when I finally opened my eyes I felt their weapons attacking me
Now is your sugar for dinner and lust sex bringing you cheap relief?
When a small piece of mind at a high cost won't accept my plastic


I'm in the wrong place sour then cower down the road to a toxic joke
Through a real out of control time
Let loose the rhythm wrapped around my jagged mind
Sifting through crumbs at the bottom where nothing is born or lives for long
And I turn my cheek to the punishment well deserved with no plan to make it out

And its a long way to go if you really wanna make it back home
Where love burns so deep
And death peeks around the corner
Oh, when the euphorias over, the doors closed
And life's faded grey and brown
On a white lie, a killer belief
The easy way out
Track Name: The End
I forgot that I was here
But I wanna see it clear
I stepped so bold on an ice cold path
Now I'm told that I can't go back
Think of the hate and the pain I spread
Thinking of me and what I can get
Maybe its true I'm not as cool as I think that I am

This is the end

Forgive me for my mistakes
For choosing confusion, dumbing down, pumping my brakes
Why does it feel so right at the time?
You can't hide from the pressure or escape
I gotta change my mind
I know I can't keep going this way

This is the end of who I was yesterday
Track Name: Dark Night
Roaming through a dark night with my hands on my eyes
Where it all gets cold and quiet
And there's no one else outside
Hey friend, I'll let you into my house
Now let's go and take a good look around

Let's go downstairs
And leave the flashlight in your hand
Are you afraid of what you'll imagine
If the batteries run dead?
And when you're in the dark
You don't know whats going on
When you're in the dark

Driving through a dark night with my eyes to the side
I know you've known it since day one
Something's missing but I don't know what
But it's okay
Could you just give a little space?
Track Name: Can't Stand Losing
Living day to day
With my head in the wrong game
I should run when I see a clear opening
But I stay sick in the waiting room hearing my name
I can’t settle for one more day with a half assed dream of breaking away
I bang my head against plexiglass
And I'm right back thinking again

'Bout my wasted time
I’ve fallen so far behind
But I can’t stand losing you
And the future is on the line

See, all my chances lost
Cause I waited too long
No I just can't stop dropping the ball
I wanna swing my fist but I spin far out of control
But what do I deserve?
I'm just a soul who's intentions are good
There's nothing my idle hands can do
But wind the clocks and hopes that I can find

All my wasted time
And the choice was all mine
No I can’t stand losing you
And it's time for me to decide
And I could have given up so many times
But I can’t stand losing
Track Name: Operating from a Level
200 years from now
Where is the world you know so well?
Always balanced between heaven and hell

Operating from a level

Climbing up and down a ladder its for worse or for better
But what does it matter?

Operating from a level

All these different situations with the same motivation
But if its all the same, then what'll it be?

Operating from a level
Track Name: Disarm
When the sun comes up
Lets take a drive in my car with the windows down
Can you feel all the damage I've done?
Its left a mark in my heart that feels like hell
But I'll get to the bottom
And lose the grip on my impatience, its so painful
I didn't notice all this tension in my face
Breath out the mistakes that I'll never repeat

It's okay
I'll disarm the bomb

In my head, I lay out my plan
As I'm driving back home past the hamden town hall
Oh it feels like the worst is over now
But the ground's still wet from the night before
Settle down, and clean the house
And cry as you finally forgive yourself
Yes I was on a track to disaster
Now I wake up and laugh cuz I figured it out

Oh I wanted it all but I'll let it fall
Let it fall
Track Name: Smash the Rocks
I was ready to lose my mind
But now I'm ready to use it right
I got a burning desire and a sound plan of action to make it happen right now
Dear god, I'm the one with the labor of love
That I drive off a cliff for example
Then run up hill with my mind designed to kill
Til I get the life I want

Cuz I got the spark
And I'll smash the rocks until they're gone

And when I start I saw how it would end
And I deserve just what I'm gonna get
Only what I want and thats it
I eliminate every unnecessary bit
Oh its so much easier now
That a hypnotic rhythms been setting in well
and I won't listen to anyone else
Cuz I broke the spell and I'm back from hell

And I'll smash the rocks
And don't worry if time was lost you just

Weren't ready to pull that weight
But times up now I'm running straight
To the center of that circle where whats mine awaits
When its all crossed off of my list
And I've done everything that I can
You're gonna put the money in the palm of my hand

Cuz I am the spark
And I turn to flames when it gets dark
Ill smash the rocks
Smash the rocks
Track Name: Sweet Spot
My nerves are snapping off of the grid
I know I held em well but now I let em slip
And I could cave in
Or I could let em fill me through the brim

I'm on a wire and its the greatest thrill that I've ever felt this far

Now this is just where I wanna be
And somehow I always knew I would do it all along
And then I take a look around me
And see I've made it back to the SWEET SPOT

And i'm going back in again

And then I flip it on its head
So you can see I'm different now but still doin' it again
If its a choice I'll always tell 'em
That I will always go for that SWEET SPOT

Oh but where did you go?
All the times you came and fled before my eyes
I still said I'd follow you forever
Until the day I

Track Name: Reminder
Its no fun being a brick, no your label won't stick
But it's easy to wish that it will
So to my future self, at that fork in the road
There is something that I just need you to know

It's what it is
Dont pretend
It's so simple and easy, to forget
But this is my reminder

I went as far as I could
Then I pushed even further than I thought that I could ever endure
And the times that I fell, I still reaped my reward
And what I know now, I didn't before
Hello to the past, it's you from the future
Right now is forever don't forget
And I got what you were afraid of in the palm of my hand
And I take one look and laugh

So this is it
Don't pretend
Track Name: Yes
Track Name: I'm the Best
I never make a mistake
No every step was the right one for me to take
And I've never been bad at anything that I've ever done and thats a fact
But I don't have to talk, my presence says it all

Ever since I was born, I've had the cure
And you could never take it away
It's through my own universal code
And others juggle a blurred metaphor but I know that they're not sayin' anything
So keep 'em far from the truth
Stuck on a clue
But I've been there and I know that its gotta hurt bein' you
Then when you recognize, you'll wanna bite
Come here and I can let you taste what its really like
Oh I am just so fucking nice

I got and endless amount, enough to go around
Everyones my friend because I am the best

IM THE BEST!!!!!!!